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Squares and Rectangles

Stone with a Heritage

Squares and Reqs are hand-split by craftsmen to ensure accuracy and consistency. As its name denotes, it comes in primarily square and rectangular shapes. It is available in thicknesses of two or four inches in random sizes.


Squares and Rectangles: Our Products
Bridges _ Citifront (3) copy.jpg

2" Patio Squares & Rectangles


60-70 Sq ft / Ton

Bridges _ Citifront (3) copy.jpg

3"-4" Patio Squares & Rectangles


35-45 Sq ft / Ton


2"-3" Supers Squares & Rectangles

Large Face Sizes

45-55 Sq ft / Ton

Let’s talk about what Mountain Valley Stone can supply for your project.

See it in Action

Some of our Favorite Projects

2-3" Supers Squares and Rectangles
MVS Squares and REqs.jpg
MVS Squares and Reqs 6.jpg
MVS Squares and Reqs 8.jpg
2-3" Patio Supers Squares and Reqs
MVS Squares and Reqs 2.jpg
Bridges _ Citifront (6).jpg
MVS Squares and Reqs 7.jpg
MVS Squares and Reqs 3.jpg
Bridges _ Citifront (3).jpg
Bridges _ Citifront (1).jpg
Bridges _ Citifront (9).jpg
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