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Architectural Stone

Cut to Size

The quality and beauty of Mountain Valley Stone is in its attractive, natural earth-toned appearance. Its capability of being fabricated into an endless variety of architectural cuts makes it a versatile stone, which lends itself well to a variety of applications.


The Natural Choice

Beautify your yard with Mountain Valley Sandstone boulders and wall stone, an attractive blond-colored sandstone with occasional rust-colored and golden-brown streaks running through it.  Mountain Valley Sandstone is available in various shapes, colors, and sizes to add interest to diverse landscape designs.


The Softer Side of Stone

After a selected stone is split and cut to specification, it can be tumbled to give the stone an elegant, antiqued appearance. Tumbled Mountain Valley Sandstone gives structures a softened, weathered look, adding contrast and interest to a variety of designs.

Building Veneer

Classic Meets Contemporary

Quality is evident in the appearance of our builders and natural ledge. These types of Mountain Valley Sandstone demonstrate our ability to produce dimensional stone. Builders are custom cut with our guillotine into four inch minus to eight inch plus heights with thicknesses varying from three to four inches.

Squares and Rectangles

Stone with a Heritage

This product is hand-split by craftsmen to ensure accuracy and consistency. As its name denotes, it comes in primarily square and rectangular shapes. It is available in thicknesses of two or four inches in random sizes.


Almost Too Beautiful to Walk on

Our crews hand-select and hand-split large boulders into random-sized flagstone ranging in thickness from one inch to three inch plus material. Our craftsmen are particularly skilled at producing thin flagstone packed vertically to minimize breakage. The four to six inch thickness is useful for dry-set installations.

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